Terms of services (TOS)

All no transfer product in Shi Industries will not be refunded:

All no copy products in Shi Industries can't be redelivered

Shi Industires will not have any obligation if you broke your product or don't know how , why, and where to use it.

Crew of Shi Industries ( owner included ) will give you full support if needed. Be aware that some support will need from you to have "special user status account" where support need to be payed.

If the product is purchased on the Second Life Marketplace, and if the customer left negative, malicious or offensive content reviews, the user loses the right of free customer support.

Appropriation of intellectual property rights of the creators of Shi Industries, as well as appropriating the name of clientele of Shi Industries without the consent of the client, directly is a violation of these rules and results in expulsion and banning from all of the property of the company, as well as from the database without any prior notice or rights as a customer. Also, the same offender loses the status of the customer and the client of our company.

All acts of industrial espionage will result with reporting to the competent authorities, the administration of Second Life, and you also lose the right to access and use to all of the services of our company.

Shi Industries will protect all your account, user data, and they will not be displayed unlesss you decide diferent troug your user settings

Shi Industries is not responsible for payment, billing and cash transaction that the user makes through the settings for the services or products in the form of payments of salary, fee, reward or other financial arrangement between the client and the third party users of the product.

Running of any of service of Shi Industries, same as login with Shi Industries login account, you are agree to Shi Industries TOS

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