Shinex Adboard system

Shinex Adboard system
  • 2 versions - business and personal
  • Personal have online detector
  • 3 type - slim, box, box with stand
  • Add texture, landmark, notecard
  • Change  inventory due  rented period
  • Add direct teleport to renters place
  • Custom menu for owner and user
  • Rentet can change name of board
  • Renter can change custom hover
  • On end time, board returns to defaults
  • 5 predefined textures
  • Store in server your own custom notecards or textures - limit 20 items
  • Web customisation of price, name, custom texture or custom notecard for each board
  • Trak all board, transactions, renters trough web
  • Warn renter trough web or send msg
  • Eject or eject and ban option trough web
  • Set online sensor interval
  • IM rent notification to owner
  • Notice with IM and custom personalised notecard 2 and 1 day befor end of rented time
  • Transaction history on web
  • Custom statistic inworld of collected amout of money
  • Click history counter
  • Teleport to board inworld
  • Public web listing of boards - SOON
  • Delete board from web
  • If deleted texture in inworld server, bord with deleted texture will return to defaults
  • Clean delete inworld remove all board data befor delete
  • Web notification if board is outdated
  • Free update
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