Employee clock system

Employee clock system

whats new in version 3.4

In new version of Employee clock system we bring you:

- NEW design

- Grid range

- employee can work in whole SL

- Sim only - range can be set to sim, to eg. 30 meters but in same sim , or range plus cross sim borders As always we suggest lest then 500 meters in range

- Track Mode - put yor clock in track mode and pay your employes manualy . Clock will work, track and will NOT pay employee. You can see earned amount and worked time and pay employe manualy

- Security - We have improve security- daily payment is now security maximum and each log is now treated separately.

- Cffline and Crash check

- See statistic for each employee- time in, out, payments

- See statistic for all logs

- Terminal now work fully with our server. If server is from some reason offline, payment will be on hold.

- Some bug fixes



- Employee clock system is brand new way of managing and paying your employees.

- Use inworld terminal connected with web interface and manage all settings, all employee with easy.

- For first time, this system allow you to set up for each employee different settings- range, pay amount, work days, shifts

-Turn off, restart, reboot, log out from web without needs to log in


No restriction- unlimited number of employees

Manage from inworld and from web

Unique settings for each employee - range, amount for pay, working day, shift ( am, pm )

Unique settings for managers

No range restriction - 10,100,1000...

Re-bot, relog and log off from web

Ban, delete and fire from web

Send IM to employee from web

Statistic for each employee

Managed from owner and/or managers

Restricted menu for manager - web controlled

No need to group- your employees make your private group automatically

The fastest server connection

Pay per minute Manager options for weekly payout on chosen day

IM report - owner, manager, both, none

Secure reset

- Log out all employee automatic before restart ot turning off

Manager can restart only script that are not affecting debit permission

Allow web access in manager section

PLESE NOTE: This system is designed to give payout for employe you hire. Also this system can give wage to your managers. Please be careful with the settings because the system takes money from your balance to pay employees


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