RoboBuddy HUD

RoboBuddy HUD

IMPORTANT: This HUD will help you managing ONLY Sparrow RoboBuddie bots. With HUD you will NOT recive bot or scripted agent, You need to have active RoboBUddies account in Sparrow Industrie

Please READ or ASK before you buy it.

All no transferable item will not be refunded if you dont know how to use it.

This HUD is for OWNERS, not for scripted agents.
If you are not sure about this product, please IM me before and I will gladly explain you all.

RoboBuddy is gadget that will help you to manage your RoboBuddies bot via HUD.

Fast and easy with function that will save your time with checking, typing, thinking...

Manipulate your RoboBuddie bot with lot of custom made commands, through pattrol mode, outfit changer, group managment.

PLUS - option give tp, teleport to me, teleport to defined location, money, follow option with avatar sensor that will make this function even easyer and much more.

Check it yourself

Shihan Feiri
Event Media Group

We are not refunding money if you have not understund purpose of this HUD or if you buy it with your bot's account.

RoboBuddie account you can open on folowing link.
Tuttorials on youtube is on link bellow

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