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What is a Sparrow Stream?

A Sparrow Stream is a dedicated streaming service provided by Sparrow Industries to end user for limited amount of time. You can use this service to broadcast your music from your computer to your listeners. To do this you will need external programs or tools like winamp and configure the encoders.


Why a Sparrow Stream?

Sparrow Streams inteernal...
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Shinex private group system

Shinex group private system allow you to create private groups, subgroups and manage all your customers, employee , guest, visitors, friends ...

Send notices, updates, gifts to targeted customers, to custom creates subgroups. to whole group .

Manage members- add them to sub group, delete, reward...

And lot more

Comming soon

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Shi Cloud service


Cloud storage

Cloud storage will allow you to save all history of your logs, members, visitors .

How to start

Visit us inworld and buy your storage plan. You can pay for week or for month


Why is that payed...
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